Pyrolytic graphite

Pyrolytic Graphite

Pyrolytic graphite is a special form of graphite, manufactured by the decomposition of a hydrocarbon gas at high temperatures. The result is an incredibly pure non-metal material, with a density of > 2.10g/cm3 and a melting point of 3520-3650°C.

Thanks to its layered structure, pyrolytic graphite is also anisotropic. That means it demonstrates different properties when measured in different directions.

In the A-B plane (i.e. in the direction of the layers), the links between its atoms are strong and – as such – it displays high thermal conductivity and high strength. By contrast, in the C plane (i.e. across the layers), the links are weak – and as a result, it exhibits the opposite, acting as an insulator with comparatively low strength.

Applications of Pyrolytic Graphite

Pyrolytic graphite has a wide range of useful properties and, as a result, it’s used across a broad spectrum of sectors. However, it’s most commonly found within the aviation, aerospace, medical, metallurgy and chemical industry. It’s also frequently used for its magnetism and as a semi-conductor.

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