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Tungsten – “W” (Also known as Wolfram)

Tungsten Bar, Wire, Crucible, Sheet, Billet

Tungsten parts are becoming an increasingly popular option and it’s easy to understand why. This refractory metal boasts a wide range of useful properties. It can be fabricated in different ways, to create different products – which are applicable across a vast number of industries.

Special Metals is one of the UK’s leading tungsten suppliers and, as part of our metal parts range, we currently supply and manufacture a variety of high-quality tungsten products. These include:

Standard sizes are available or they can be made bespoke to meet your exact specification.

What are the properties and uses of tungsten?

Tungsten metal is known for its impressively high melting point of 3410°C (6170°F). It demonstrates low thermal expansion, low vapour pressure and good thermal conductivity – making it an ideal option for high-temperature applications.

Tungsten is also a very strong, high-density metal. It can be easily combined with other refractory metals (e.g. steel, copper, iron) to create alloys and it lends itself well to the machining process.

As a result of these properties, tungsten is suitable for lighting, radiation, shielding, medical devices, vacuum heating. It can be used to support structures for power tubes and as an evaporation source in metallizing processes. It is also suitable for use as weights, counterweights and ballast keels, and it is an outstanding material for dimensional stability, arc-welding electrodes, glass seals and furnace manufacturing.

Why shop with us for tungsten parts?

Special Metals is a premier tungsten supplier and, when it comes to the fabrication of tungsten parts, we demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience. Collectively, our team have worked in this industry for over 120 years and are capable of producing both standard and bespoke products.

Our reputation precedes us and we always strive to provide customers with the highest quality tungsten parts. They are made in-house to ISO standards and, before leaving our site, they undergo a strict quality-assurance test. We can tackle any job – big or small – and you can rest assured, when you shop with us, you will receive the best possible product and excellent value for money.

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