Niobium Parts and Fittings

Niobium – “Nb”

Bar, Plate, Rod, Sheet, Tube

Niobium is a shiny white metal that is very similar to tantalum in its structure. Thanks to its useful properties (e.g. ductility, high melting point), it’s perfectly suited to the metal fabrication process – and can be used to create a broad spectrum of niobium parts and fittings. These parts are employed across a variety of industries and they’re available to buy here, at Special Metals.

We currently manufacture and supply:

Niobium wire

This comes in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Flexible yet strong, it’s ideal for use in lighting and other ‘fine’ manufacturing industries. For example, niobium wire is commonly chosen to make jewellery – deemed as an attractive, non-allergenic alternative to precious metals.

Niobium bars

Again, these come in a variety of sizes to suit different applications. They’re manufactured to a high standard of purity, which means they’re a popular choice for the electronics and aviation sectors – where quality-control is key. Niobium bars are also frequently seen in the technology industry.

Niobium sheets

These are thin, typically rectangular, sheets of niobium. Demonstrating an excellent level of strength and corrosion-resistance, they’re most often employed in engineering (e.g. to create cutting and stamping parts for machinery) or to make technical medical and scientific equipment.

Niobium plates

Niobium plates are available in a variety of dimensions. They’re slightly thicker than sheet format, yet still benefit from a smooth surface finish – making them suitable for several coating and cladding processes. For example, they’re often used to add strength to engine propulsion systems.

Niobium tubes/rods

Cylindrical pieces of niobium, known for their strength and conductivity. These are mainly utilised in lamp production and to create equipment for scientific laboratories and manufacturing.

Customised niobium parts and fittings

All of the above are stocked as standard as part of our metal parts department. However, as a UK-leading niobium supplier, we also offer a bespoke metal fabrication service. Whatever shape or size that you require – whether you need one unique product or a batch of 1000 identical parts – we’re here to help and can manufacture your ideal niobium parts to the highest standard.

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