Copper Tungsten Parts and Fittings

Copper Tungsten – “CuW”

Bar, Plate, Rod, Sheet, Tube

Copper tungsten is, just as the name suggests, a composite of copper and tungsten – and it can be fabricated in various ways, to create a variety of different products. These products are suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial applications and they are available to buy here, at Special Metals Ltd.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in metal fabrication and, as part of our metal parts range, we supply and manufacture a diverse range of copper tungsten parts and fittings, including:

What are the main properties and uses of copper tungsten?

Copper tungsten demonstrates the same properties as its two components. It has the excellent electrical conductivity and arc resistance of copper. But it also exhibits the high thermal conductivity, erosion resistance and low thermal expansion of tungsten. It is an incredibly strong and tough refractory metal and it lends itself very well to the machining and fabrication process.

As a result of these properties, copper tungsten has a range of different applications. For example, it is commonly used within the electronics industry to manufacture electrodes, electrical contacts and heat sinks. It is also frequently used to manufacture aviation and aerospace parts and armament.

Which choose Special Metals for copper tungsten parts?

Special Metals is at the forefront of the metal fabrication industry and we have been for many years. Collectively, our team has more than 120 years’ experience in this area. We are experts in our field and, as a leading copper tungsten supplier, we offer a range of standard and bespoke products.

All of our copper tungsten parts and fittings are made in-house. They are ISO registered and, before leaving our site, they undergo an intense quality-assurance assessment. This is how we have gained our reputation for quality. We accept all jobs – however big or small – and we do everything in our power to make sure clients are satisfied with the service and products they receive.

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