Titanium (Ti)

metal part made by Special Metals

Looking to buy titanium metal for your latest project? You’re in the right place. Special Metals is a UK leading titanium supplier and, no matter how big or small the order, we’re here to help. We’ve worked with a diverse range of clients over the years and, whatever the nature of your company or business, we can provide the titanium that you need to keep production lines moving.

What can titanium be used for?

Titanium has a number of useful properties. For example, it’s strong, corrosion-resistant and has an exceptionally high melting point – as a result, it lends itself well to a broad range of applications.

Commonly alloyed with other metals (e.g. iron, aluminium, molybdenum), it can be fabricated into a variety of parts and fittings and is used across many different sectors.

For example, titanium metal is commonly seen in:

1. Aerospace and military – due to its excellent strength (and low density), it’s frequently used to create jet engines, aeroplanes, spacecraft, missiles and other similar structures.

2. Industrial processes – resistant to many corrosive substances, it’s often employed in chemical and petrochemical plants. It’s also often used for desalination plants, where it can help to protect the hull of ships, submarines, and other structures that are exposed to seawater.

3. The medical industry – non-toxic and non-allergenic, titanium is regularly used to make medical instruments and to create medical prostheses, orthopaedic implants, and dental implants.

A UK leading titanium supplier

Over the years, we’ve earnt a reputation as one of the very best titanium suppliers in the UK. We’re an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and the titanium that we distribute is of the best possible quality. In fact, before leaving our site, all titanium undergoes a strict ‘quality assurance’ assessment – allowing us to check for any defects and ensure it complies with our strict high standards.

What’s more, as a leading titanium supplier, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Our team have unparalleled knowledge of the main uses and priorities of titanium – and, as such, can advise on whether it’s the right metal for you and the project you have in-line.

Ready to order titanium metal?

Getting a quote is easy. As a leading titanium supplier, we’re always on hand and happy to help. Simply give us a call on +86-755-29936699 and tell us your specific requirements. If you have any questions about titanium and how it could be of benefit to you, you can also fill out our online enquiry form or send an email to inquiry.mp@professionalmanufacturing.com.