Aqua Blasting

Looking for a way to clean your metal components?

Abrasive blasting could be the solution.

Here at Special Metals, we specialise in two abrasive techniques – bead and aqua blasting. These are sometimes referred to as dry and wet blasting, respectively.

By applying our expertise, and using the very best equipment, we can rid your metal of dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants and produce the best possible results. And for an affordable price, we guarantee, your component will look as good as new.


Abrasive blasting at Special Metals

Our facility is equipped with both a Guyson Bead Blaster and Vaqua Aqua Blaster. As such, we have worked on countless bead blasting and aqua blasting projects over the years and, whatever the size or nature of your metal part, we can – quickly and successfully – restore it to its original condition.

Some of the most common metal components we clean include:

  • Motorcycle and scooter parts – cylinder heads, engine pots, crankcases, forks, wheels, exhausts, and frames.
  • Car parts – vintage and classic parts, cylinder heads, inlet manifolds, brake drums, master cylinders and wheels.
  • Marine parts – propellers, rudders, deck fittings, anchors and outboard parts.

However, our aqua blasting and bead blasting techniques can be applied to pretty much any non-ferrous metal or machined part – and can be used to produce a diverse range of surface finishes.


A tailored approach to abrasive blasting

The technique used to clean your metal component (i.e. bead or aqua blasting) will depend on the type of metal it is made from and the desired surface finish.

Aqua blasting is regarded as a gentle, non-aggressive style of cleaning. Therefore, generally speaking, it is used to clean a range of non-ferrous metals – successfully removing unwanted media and creating a fine ‘satin’ appearance. By contrast, bead blasting is much more aggressive. And as a result, this technique is most commonly used to remove dirt, whilst also producing a matte finish and improving durability.

Here at Special Metals, we always take a bespoke approach to abrasive blasting. Having discussed the nature of your metal component – and the finish you would like to achieve – we can advise on the most appropriate cleaning technique for your requirements; whether that be bead blasting or aqua blasting. This is our area of expertise, after all. And with a deep understanding of non-ferrous metals and their properties, you can rely on us to choose the best method to ensure the best results.


Aqua BlastingAquablasting

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